Signature Coaching

You dream of the day that you finish your book!  And you must; it will not get finished if it is not a real dream. My coaching and mentoring is a complete program of 6 weeks, 12 weeks, or 6 months. 

We work one-on-one through the real content of your life and set into motion the necessary path for your book.  I match the correct templates and tools for your needs and meet with you in-person of via phone or Skype. 

Prices begin at $900 for 6 weeks.  Prices do not exceed $4,990 for 6 months.  I have 9 packages – you only need one.


Currently, all workshops are limited to 8 attendees and are available in the West Seattle area, summer and fall.  Memoir is not really about your entire life.  Rather, it is about a theme in your life – your love for inventing recipes, your relationship to horses, your experience raising children, your adventures with the mentally ill.  There are literally countless themes, but most identify your heroic story that carried you from one significant chapter of life to another. 

My next workshop will be for one-day!  Some are 6 or 8-weeks. 

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Online Program

Coming soon!