Debby Handrich is a professional. She will do far more than help you write. She’ll get underneath the stuck place that you can’t see on your own. She’ll present it to you astutely and ever-so-thoughtfully.

I came to her for advice to create my manuscript but I came away with a written memoir and a WHOLE NEW understanding of my purpose in this world.
— Anne C. Camus, Guardian ad litem


Debby Handrich, MA


Professor of English Literature, Writing Coach, Spirituality Mentor

I started telling stories when I was 6 to my baby brother. I would make them up or read from books and he would coo with delight. At age 10, I started writing down my stories to comfort myself from loneliness. These were tender years when I could be honest with my brother and my journal about my heart’s desire and not fear any judgments.

As innocence departed, I found a great love I had inside to know people and to witness their stories. It was my mission to study philosophy, psychology and especially literature and use it as the mirror of our lives, the metaphor of our own being, and it helped me understand the real life stories that shape us.

BUT! That’s the fun part of the story. The harsh version is that I am albino. I have very limited eye sight, yet I have learned to use a “sixth-sense” to compensate for my VISION, and that has helped me claim an unusual insight. I can truly SEE and FEEL a person’s story. I’m not psychic by any means. My insight is the result, or “my gift” after being bullied, abandoned, terrified, and wicked determined.

I turned my special need into my zone of genius.

My purpose is to make sure your voice is discovered, your heart is known BY YOU, and you story gets on paper, on the airwaves, into a love letter, or wherever you choose. “Don’t die with your music within you.” —Wayne Dyer