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I won’t lie to you…

It can be terrifying to share your story with the world because somewhere in that story is the unspeakable truth about marriage, a bankruptcy, a dear child, a drunken homicide…  You are sharing the real deal and who you are now and what you say and heard and felt…

Your mind says: What if I take all this time to write my story and then I want to take it all back? Who can I trust with my story and why am I even doing this? Will anyone care?

But it is THAT STORY that keeps you blocked.  It keeps you spinning in thoughts and disconnected from your writing, your family, your clients, your dreams, YOURSELF.

And that’s exactly why I want to share my story with you, because I get it.  I have been stuck, scared, and isolated with my stories.  My freedom came through telling my story on paper and being asked to speak it in front of a crowd.     

It was daunting and liberating.  But you don’t have to go that far. 

We can start with your book, that story that wants to be told.

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Meet  Coach Debby

I started telling stories when I was 6 and my baby brother was just 6 months old.  I would make them up or read from books and he would coo with delight.  At age 10, I started writing down my stories to comfort myself from loneliness.  These were tender years when I could be honest with my brother and my journal about my heart’s desire and not fear any judgments.

But as innocence departed, I found a great love I had inside to know people and to witness their stories.  It was my mission to study philosophy, psychology and especially literature and use it as the mirror of our lives, the metaphor of our own being, and it helped me understand the real life stories that shape us.



Welcome to signature coaching, mentoring, memoir writing workshops, mastermind groups and my latest addition — the Evergreen Program.

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Let’s Talk!  What are you thinking about writing?  Where are you excited and where are you stuck?  It only takes 30 minutes to remove the blocks between your desires and a well-designed blog, brand or book.  There are no silly questions.  


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Discover the deeper meanings in the stories we live by. Become more expressive personally and professionally, verbally and in writing. Everyone is welcome, especially anyone who enjoys a good story.