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"I have worked with Debby many times, in a workshop setting and one-on-one. What I love about her is she is deeply perceptive. Her intention is to "get me" and assist with the words that define me and what I'm trying to communicate. She can take sentences that you've been working on, trying to get just right but don't seem to capture what you're trying to say. Debby comes in and in seconds has the "perfect" verbiage that I'd been working on for hours. Love her by my side." 

- Annette Bond, Definitive Style

"For the longest time, I had the urge to write my story but I had no idea how to begin. I found writing coach and life coach, Debby Handrich, who helps me find my voice and hone my skills in the adventure of writing memoir.  I feel completely supported; I couldn’t do it without her."

- Don H., Entrepreneur and Writer of my 12-step recovery

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"Thank you so much for the invitation to be on your radio show.  I had a wonderful time… and you were correct; the time flew by!  Thank you for making me feel so comfortable.  I love the positive energy and intent you offer to your listening audience and I deeply appreciated the opportunity to be a part of the magic."

- Sharon Ballantine, Balboa Press Author

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"When I get around Debby, I just think: Ahhh, what a relief!   Her peaceful energy just brings that instant feeling of safety and ease.  She really supported my process in the mastermind group and helped me achieve clarity!  I just love this woman."

- Pam Hottinger, Entrepreneur and Head Hunter in Bellevue, WA.


"It takes deep wisdom to pull people out of deep darkness, and that's what Debby has. She casts a light that nobody else can, always looking at the situation differently, and it's guaranteed she'll have a perspective you never thought of before. I've accomplished so much since working with her, I think because she's the only person that could really see me and remind me of who I was."

- Caroline, Entrepreneur & Copy Writer, Switchblade Lemonade


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