Signature Book Writing

You dream of the day that your book is finished!  And you must! Your desire must be unshakable. If you have an idea for a book or if you are picking up with a project you’ve let rest, my signature coaching may be an excellent fit.

Come to the discovery call ready to share your book idea and where you are at currently. Coaching begins at
$165 for your first 3 sessions. 



Individualized Coaching

Mastermind Program

NEXT MASTERMIND: August 1st - October 20th. This is a program to “reset to happy” by getting connected to your VOICE.

Participants have used this program to support their process while: writing a book, setting up a company, preparing for a keynote, and making various life transformation

You do not need to be tech savvy!
This program is for introverts or extroverts.

This program is always SAFE.

No sales pressure from me. Not ever.
I work strictly with willing participants.

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For frequent updates about my Mastermind Program, head over to my blog.