Signature Coaching

You dream of the day that your book is finished!  And you must! Your desire must be unshakable. If you have an idea for a book or if you are picking up with a project you’ve let rest, my signature coaching may be an excellent fit.

Come to the discovery call ready to share your book idea and where you are at currently. Coaching begins at $165 for your first 3 sessions. 



Memoir is not really about your entire life.  Rather, it is about a theme in your life – often a theme that took you through trials, triumphs and led to some sort of transformation.

Think of your real life adventure stories of tangled relationships, soaring businesses, and breathtaking performances. You could not have predicted them, yet you lived them, survived them, and you learned sooooo much.

This, my friend, is your memoir.  It identifies your heroic story that carried you from one significant chapter of life to another. 

My workshops are offered 3 times a year. If you are working on a memoir now, you might consider 1-1 coaching until the next class.

Mastermind Program

Not for the faint of heart. This is a program to re-calibrate your mind so that you never lose contact with your writer’s voice ever again. The program is on-going. You decide how long you need. You work with myself and other dedicated writers.

The program can be done from your home office, yet it is deep, rich and transformative. You will need a computer and a free Zoom account.
You do not need to be tech savvy.

To apply, add your name to my calendar so we can decide if this is the program you desire. No sales pressure from me. Not ever. I work strictly with willing participants.

For frequent updates about my Mastermind Program, head over to my blog.