This Is the Year to Write Your Book

This Is the Year to Write Your Book.jpg

Last year is gone, and next year is far off.

But THIS year is young! THIS is the year to write your book.

Think of all the authors who’ve touched you. Think of your favorite. What if their book had never been written? You’d be someone else. You would! Their book had an effect on you.

And YOUR book will have an effect on YOUR readers.
And what you might not know is that you already have readers.

They are curious about your story — your trials, triumphs, and transformation.

They are waiting to be touched…
by you.

That’s right.

And that’s why this is the year to write your book.

Readers are waiting for YOUR story.
And the effect you will have on their lives!
You survived experiences that changed your life.
You shifted on the inside.
And you have an aching desire to write it down.
But without help, the ache grows.

And the years pass on.
If you are going to write your book,
You must get serious and claim,

THIS is the year!


…And as a book coach, I am extremely curious about your story.

My soul super power is my insight. I sometimes joke that I may be low on eye-sight, but I have massive insight. But it really is no joke at all.

I help clients understand the impact of their story after our very first coaching call.

I promise you, all of my clients have one very important trait: They all claimed THIS year to write their book.

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