Love is the source of my sight


I used to fear going blind as much as I feared the act of drowning or burning alive.
Just the thought that I may never see again, that some horrible accident could happen and my world would go black could hold my attention for hours like a restless nightmare.  After all, anyone who is partially sighted holds on to their remaining sight.
For dear life.
But now, I do not fear the sight I have or the thought that it may diminish more, or completely, with time. Because I believe love is the source of my sight, not my eyes.
I have had 20% acuity since birth, or in other words, I live in a fuzzy world and I spend a lot of time figuring things out thanks to extra sensory cues. My memory, imagination and intuition play enormous roles. But the part of me that holds the most important role is my heart. I've come to understand that I really see more of the world when I have an open and willing heart.
True SEEING IS imagination, creativity, and memory all culminating together with love, and that provides a true image in the mind and the heart. It is an understanding! But without love -- whole hearted love -- we are just seeing thoughts.
What we really want is to understand, to SEE, to connect deeply.

Debby Handrich