A Pilot is a Pilot. A Writer is a Writer.

Photo by Nazarevich/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Nazarevich/iStock / Getty Images

But Am I REALLY a Writer?

Sometimes I have to tease the answer out of my clients. They think they are sort of writers, like kinda, like not the best-selling types, like the ones who just like it… like that kind, but not like a REAL writer, know what I mean?


But you are losing a self-made battle if you give in to that talk.

Are pilots who fly 737’s just “like sort of” pilots because they fly commercial? Do we reserve the profession for those bombing around with the Blue Angels?

A pilot is a pilot. A writer is a writer.

Here’s an important question: Do you write? If you know how to write, but you don’t write, I’d hold off from claiming the title.

Writers, as you may have guessed…WRITE! Even if they do not write for the New Yorker, they write! Even if they seldom partake in a publisher’s contest, writers are producing quality content for books and articles that will eventually appear in quality magazines, the better blogs, and at the top of “must read” lists.. Their words hit the page daily, weekly, with some regularity. They are driven to produce more and more and more content.

They Write. It is their raison d’etre. A writer feels strange if he hasn’t written, just like a runner needs to stretch and move – they can’t be idle.

I always know when something is really off. I’m not myself. I’m not happy. I’m out of balance. These are the times when I’m not writing.

I might be journaling. I might be obsessing. I’m likely bitching, comparing my best stuff to J.K. Rowling while face-stuffing bon bons and succumbing to a deadly intoxication of worry, but I’m definitely not writing.

I’m not producing, not creating, not grooving, not nothin’. I’m suffering, not writing.

And who knows how long this would have to go on to be cast out permanently from the ranks of other writers? I am not willing to push it too far, because, after all, it is clear to me that I am a writer.

Likely, you understand what I’m saying.

But what I really want you to understand is that it is GREAT to write whether you are a writer or not! It is great to do yoga even if you only spend two years out of your entire life doing it. It is great to visit a new city even if it only happens one day out of the year. It is great to write when you feel inspired to let your thoughts out! Do it! You don’t have to hold a title or a degree to enjoy the pleasure of seeing your very own, well-crafted or silly, sporadic memories on paper.

The title is for those who need it, like me, because we like to know our role and responsibility to the world.

Who cares WHO is really a writer? Only writers.

Debby Handrich