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January 31:  The Story of Guidance | Megan Skinner

March 13:  The Story of Creativity | Carol Meckling

March 27:  The Story of Deep Listening | Sara Harvey Yao

April 10:  The Story of Money | Camille Gaines

April 24:  The Story of Writing

May 8:  The Story of Personal Imagine | Annette Bond

May 22: The Story of Crafting Your Speech | Omar Rivas

June 12: The Story of Home | Lynn Robertson

July 10: The Story of Retreating

July 24: The Story of Your Career | Carrie Pinsky

August 14: The Story of Intimacy | Arica Angelo

I help writers of all levels discover their voice and tell their stories.  I believe that our lives ARE our stories.  We are constantly living in a chapter, experiencing new characters, and working out themes.

Thus the birth of Story U Talk Radio!

The more you know about your backstory, the more confident you will feel sharing your book, speech, workshop, memories, or even your opinions at the dinner table. 

On my live talk radio show, I help listeners discover the deeper meanings in their lives so they are free to express themselves personally and professionally, verbally and in writing.