No one can tell your story

as well as you.


But, I’m not going to lie to you. It can be terrifying to share your stories because you are admitting to a particular truth.

It might be about marriage, bankruptcy, cooking school, child birth, or homicide.

You are telling the world: This is the real deal. This is how it went down. This is what I learned from it. This is who I am because of it.


It’s hard to do that – in fact, quite scary to do that! Because your mind says: What if I say all that and then I want to take it all back?!?!

You know you can’t do that!

So what you need to do is take up with some people you trust, start writing your stories down, get coached through the big picture, ask for feedback on the fiddly-bits—what to say, where it goes, how it flows—and get yourself in a nice safe space to BE REAL about your content.

You know a big project won’t happen overnight and it won’t happen without a good effort, but it will happen…

It will happen because you had the courage to take the leap…

and tell your story.


....And for a moment that sounds like a great plan.

But then you feel scared again, and you ask,

Why should I go through all that?  I'm too busy....

It is THAT story that keeps you disconnected from your writing, your clients, your work, your dreams, and YOURSELF.


I get it.  I know that story.  I'll help you through this.  It's my reason for being...

....To Make Sure You Tell Your Story.


Coach Debby Handrich, MA.  

Coach Debby Handrich, MA.


I work with teachers, coaches, speakers, authors, solo-geniuses...basically hard-thinking people like you; people offering their purpose to the world and a real-life story to back up their integrity. That's you.

Let's get into your story.  Click on "contact" and let's begin the conversation.