Coach Debby (Handrich) began her writing career as an associate professor of literature in Seattle in September 2000. She combines her love for teaching and her skills as a Certified Coach to help writers of all levels discover their voice and tell their stories. “Our lives ARE our stories. We are constantly living in a story.”

An avid reader and memoir writer, she is also the co-host and producer for Life Mastery Radio with Todd Alan. In a recent interview with the Namaste Nutritionist, Coach Debby spoke about her background, “First, I studied creative writing, which led to a love for psychology, which made me curious about philosophy, which opened my eyes to sociology, and that led to mindfulness, metaphysics, and 12-step principles…I am a junkie for personal awareness!”

On her live talk radio show, she helps listeners discover the deeper meanings in their lives so they are free to express themselves personally and professionally, verbally and in writing.

****MORE about the intricacies of her story to follow, especially the stories about being bullied, being albino, being alone, being scared, being invigorated, being called...